Salem Session

by William Hale

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released February 14, 2019


all rights reserved



William Hale Glens Falls, New York

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Track Name: Another Year
Keep me alive for just another year
the sky is clear tonight, but the moon is missing.
As the world emits a starry glow
the freshly fallen snow seems everlasting.

Quiet cold; vacuumed in the soundless air.
Sharing light, internal thoughts with my surroundings.
I don't care if it is wrong or right.
If I can't see her tonight, my tears will drown me.

So when when the time is right, I will bite to break though
to the center of this lonely feeling.

So beware! Tonight our hearts show truth,
and the love I feel you feel will break the surface.
And if it takes even another year,
I'll be waiting here as if you were my only purpose.
Track Name: The Tunnel
Riding through the tunnel
with a thousand other people
I can feel the crowded energy,
suppression of our evil

Just the passions you're concealing
in the darkness of your being
where the church-mice have been sleeping,
where the devil has been feasting
on the matter of our minds, where we all hide
to watch the world roll by.

Why are you in such a hurry?
you check the time as if you're worried
I've been buried in the flurry
carried on with silent fury

Over miles of the city
with our destinations nearing
I can feel the saturation
on the streets that we've been filling
with the sadness of our smiles, while all the while
just drifting on and on.

But at the end of every ride, we see the light
we go our separate ways to find
our own delight, each sacred night
all the ways we choose to waste our time.

But you should see the way they laugh
and all they say behind your back
as you attempt to fill the gaps
a sense of structure which we lack.

Now when we walk into a room
the walls are painted with the gloom
of all the people we've consumed
of all the prophets we've attacked.

But now each moment of decision
working toward the next commission
we must classify our visions
to except each useless mission

So with adequate precision
we descend into decision
falsifying any wisdom
construct conflict ad collision

Bow down to the atom bomb
the fattest check
the holy one

All we project, all we demand
as we reject the things we cannot command

So you decide to raise your voice
you say you never had a choice
you are the messenger of fate
and all the powers she employs

You work to fit a greater cause
you finish speaking then you pause
you smile waiting for applause
as silence traps you in his jaws.
Track Name: Church of the Flower
Spreading our seeds on currents of air.
House of shared refuge, church of the flower.

Come and go freely, whenever I care.
Chasing fat reptiles, over full, purple miles.

Dozens of cherubs awake with the sun
watching the galay's sparkling dust-cloud

Traveling artisans, biding their time.
out by the fire, converse and inquire

As fungus erupts from the dark fertile soil
Through bubbling stream beds of natural clay.

Billions of creatures are alive in the forest.
house-cats asleep
in the warm, gentle heat of the day.

Waking up early for coffee and wine
Time wanders drowsily, wading toward winter

Autumn lovers entwined in the sheets
slumbering sweetly, in the dream they've connected.

As I leave, sick, to my secret place by the river
where perfect landscapes form themselves in the sky

This land of mystery has been here forever
and has filled me with a peace I will feel
until the day that i die.
Track Name: The Pacific Ocean
I am restless, but i see no reason to go out.
I've seen what you're scene is about
and i don't have any fun.

For when I see your face upon all the faces I see
I know they never will be
able to reach me.

The Pacific Ocean is the only thing i can care about
I am her disciple, devout
within and without.

I cannot see why you're so good to me.
Don't you see how I've been spending my time?

As you sit there patiently
while I'm somewhere up in the sky.

Looking down from here,
i just long to be near you
these nights nearly drive me insane
I go out of my head.

dear friend,
When will i see you again?

When will i see you again?

Close my eyes here,
I can almost hear your voice clearly
though if we have nothing to say
We can still hear the people pray.

We can hear the people pray.

Oh destiny,
Could you really love me this way?

Or have i just lost my way?
It's so hard to decide.

A vision.
The sea, it is calling me by my name
The moon is the harbinger of change
and we are not separate things.

You have taken a part of me out
You have stolen it miles away.
tell me,
when will i see you again?
Track Name: How We Could be Friends
What can i do to get to know you?
I'd love to show you how we could be friends.

You could call me up when I feel blue,
Like the others used to do

but no.
never again.
never again.

I know you've given me your number.
What a shame i can't remember now.

I must have dialed a dozen strangers,
Hoping i could somehow catch your voice

on the line.
I guess I'll trying...

For beauty, like a wilted flower
Perfect, but in need of nursing.

All the love within man's power!
The hours the heart spends rehearsing!

Minds in rhythm, formulaic,
meld into one, the truth of one

Answers: ancient and archaic
anchored to our spinning sun.

Oh! the horrors I have felt unfolding
are rich sights for the flies' beholding stares.

But somehow, it seems, the dark spell cast
has brought no fortune, nor disaster here.

I have been spared.
I have been spared.

But, in times like these, when all I see
cannot be spared, cannot break free from doom

I get myself lost in a dream
i close my eyes and sweetly think of thee,
my love, or my love unknown.

Never knowing, never seeing,
that which stretches out before me.

The ape of my internal being
can't escape me, can't ignore me

Now awake with arms outreaching,
onward toward the land of promise

as light from the eternal summer
illuminates the path I wander.
Track Name: Blindfold
The reach of the mind exceeds the reach of the law
what we do and say here is our own

So call it decision to burn the curtains down
an let the light shed its skin on our bed.

I will slice a long and slippery organ out of you
if you touch the naked craters of my bestial back.

A cold iron chain pulls your ivory skin
through the greatest steel fence of my heart.

So subject your flesh to the will of the wind
let the vultures tear it apart.

With a flare in your eye, and a style in your step
and a language that is state of the art.

What is love?
What is love?
What is love?

What is anything without knowing what you are?
if you came to be anything at all

I have no tricks up my sleeve, I have no places to be

I'm Alive!
I'm Alive!
I'm Alive!

Stand up when epiphany's lightning strikes
you can make the news known if you'd like

Or regroup with your crowds to take cover from the clouds
how they scatter the creatures of light!

While deep in the darkness
where the only vision rests
in eternal flowing fountains
dripping from the priceless porcelain claw

Where the sleeping messiahs
share their blood from a cup
and through their blindfolds
can see more than just our silhouettes.

But now back to the sun, where the clear waters run
and the birds perch on buildings and trees

Where the charming young squire, in his artful attire
squeezes grapefruits dry with his knees

Small clean houses in rows, fresh air filling your nose
this whole universe must be at peace

When there is money in your pocket, and there is bread on your table
and you're blessed every time that you sneeze.
Track Name: Needless Violence
Needless violence will never cease
Scared in our homes we can't even be at peace
with our neighbors, or at peace with ourselves
when we feel hopeless, or when we feel lost.

It's sad but I'm refusing to choose a side
there is no common cause great enough to unite our opinions
It is war!
and it's hard enough to find meaning in a song.

Goddess, Mother, sacred and wild
evening blossom, the color of fire
How you move me with the sound of your voice!
How you cure me when I am starting to fall.

Blue exotic muse, I will follow in your footprints
to inspire each direction I may move

Wander clueless trails to find any other sign
that may one day lead me back to you.

But the terrible troubles that torture these times
empty era, unrehearsed and unrefined
Hallelujah! Now your riches have turned red!
Nevermore may we wash our hands
of the innocent blood.
Track Name: Grandmother Raincloud
Oh the heavens hang low
and the earth is twisted up all around me
How astounding the world seems to melt before my eyes
The sky is a knot of sensation.

Whose ecstatic orgasms open chasms of time
which erupt and intertwine between every thing I am feeling.

So as day caves away into evening,
I am eating the flies off the ceiling
and revealing a sun into the eyes of everyone
I've been meeting.

So when the sky is set to bleed
and the air makes you kneel in your vengeance
pay the penance that waits at the gate of each respite
as the night conducts calm coronations.

Singing: Grandmother Rain-Cloud, you drift as you sleep
and you are blocking the sun from my eyes.

The secrets you hold in your dreams make you weep
for the babies you bleed form the sky.

Each drop is a child who has fallen from your dress
what a mess when their shapes hit the ground!

The bodies collect in a flood of your rage
the sidewalks and fields are the stage!

The heat of the day evaporates every shape
turning all of our children to steam.

We are the frozen explorers of hypnosis
the crippled companions of time.

Invent our next lesson, withhold our confessions
to wander the wavering line.

The tightrope of wisdom, stretched over the chasm
of morals we form in our minds

Where over one edge there is madness
and over the other is peace

And I have conquered every mile, walking on in single file
to decide on the way I should lean.

So I swallow the virus, the echo of silence,
the kiss of any pretty young man

Back at his hive we are drinking saliva
and watching the whole room expand


the memory lingers, of the cold and slim fingers
oh! the revelry I used to know as 'sin'

There was no godly force to inspire me there
or dissuade me from searching within

It's only skin after all, and emotion
until or energy is recycled again.

The father of Christians has sent me a vision
a virgin, a viper, a voice

oh mother of mutants, your prodigious students
are following the fable of choice.

Sister of soul, I am in your control
and i am heeding your call to rejoice

i needn't success to be happy
I needn't another to feel love
I am alive in a world of such beauty
which I need only your truth to sustain.

So lay by my fire, discover desire
and rest in the grace of these lies.

Bask in the cancer, the chemical answer
to the questions you could never disguise

Oh woman you've been chosen to excavate the poison
I excrete from the glands near my eyes.

Your glory enough to move mountains.
Your glamour enough to blind the stars
Your infinite passion, and the devious fashion
you have used to burn your image into my brain

Over, and over and...
Track Name: Judgement Day
There are times when the whole world slips back up into me.
Why can I never remember to curious?

It feels like every face, on everyone I see
Lead me to dissolve into this terrible darkness.

What horrible mistake was it that lead me here?
So inept at discovering my purpose.
The voice of every life I keep in a cage
All crying "what did we do to deserve this?"

But now the system is in a violent collapse
and everyone I know has learned to play their roll
So well...

But there is no judgment day where I come from, it's everyday
In moments of reflection and action.

So we do what we can to carry on
knowing we are one
surrounded by love.
Track Name: Name Your Price
The grotesque monuments will be erected over all the dead.
A million lives lost across our borders, I can watch it from my bed
Looking out through dirty windows as the toy houses burn to the ground.

What can I do? is there any way to put out the flames?
As they eat through countless people without faces or names.
What game are we playing?
What kind of hope have we found for man?

For man...

I am not a soldier though I watch them on the screen
I've seen the portraits of dead families which haunt my every dream
But I am just a singer so it's easy to maintain an excuse.

What can I do? is there anyway that I can speak for for peace
I do not see myself a leader, I tend to question those who preach

But maybe if I travel. my compassion could lend to the cause of man

of man...

Sp name your price, I'll pay it fully
I'll lay all my diamonds down
These nine lives drip by so slowly
In my best days I drink to drown.

So free my body from its anchor
and free my spirit from my mind

Fill my emptiness with oil
Boil me in the sea of time

For I cannot wait for Heaven to take me.
I am just this burning paper drawing of a man

The hands of fate have been shaking to wake me
from whatever trip I am on...

So we rest on golden mountains, and still ask for more to give
And we give into the heartache when it's hard enough to live
But i am an American, accustomed to relative pain.

What is it now that's so important, it cannot wait to be achieved?
As there are humans dying daily of disaster and disease
as we sit in our castles, scared enough to be caught in the rain.

With quiet prose to pose as someone
dull copper coins to buy delight
we're given comfort and conviction
we're given life and paid to die.
Track Name: New City Square
Lately I've been trying to answer these questions
in the paradox of learning that eats away my innocence.

Conundrums will settle in the spectrum of thinking
that collect here like cobwebs over every new circumstance,

when i'm given too much to return.
when I am punished by a common expense.

so I am finally starting to learn
what it means to rely on y friends.

Now it comes back to the way I was feeling
when i was much younger and,
abandoned by my own accord

And all the emotions stored up in my body
seep out through my skin to
reflect the way I'm living.

In a dream of life, some say exist,
waking hours do seem to conceal so much more.

Every moment of peace in this complacent struggle
seems to promise a golden reward.

Now the present is disheveled through galactic interaction,.
The steaming machines of commerce and justice,

The lust of the ego.
The egg and the halo.
The empty cardboard box at the end of every rainbow.

the poisonous water, the chemical air.
The corpse in it's coffin, the king in his chair.

The feast on the table. The cupboard so bare,
The tower of garbage hides a maiden so fair.

And you, ravenous students, are corrupted by knowledge.

In this village of idiots where
The devil's seven children
have become villains preaching their way to salvation
In the stations we choose
just to feel like we are living,

The treasure I've found in the eyes of damnation
and the symbols i could never understand.

It's so hard to find love when you no longer seek
any difference in women and man.


Hear the whir of each machine that hides in your wall.
See the steps leading up to the inevitable fall.

Can you tell there's a way you could push through them all?

Can you look through the cracks that slither on in the air?

Can you see that there is something to know beyond there?

New awareness awaits those of patience, and prayer.

new awareness waits those of patience, and prayer.

The next time you arrive in some new city square
Could you promise me some correspondence from there?

Though I am not a man who is easily scared.
And I won't sit here dreaming of the places where you are.
I am a monster when i'm drunk, and I'm a paranoid liar.

And it is not just your voice, but your shape which desire.

It is not just your voice, but your shape which I......

Now taste the digital hum of the new antique world.
All of the constant peaceful noise
All of the chaos if our wars.

Here we are, fighting for a standard with no meaning at all.

We have surrendered the spirit to quietly dissolve.
In the terror of our learning and the fear of our gods.

until we're comfortable and crazy in our own little pods.
We are sterilized and lazy in our own...


so i lay with my stomach expanding
in my troth of endless peace

and as the smoke ambles up from the ashtray
it commences to encompass all the air that I breathe.

I am watching you without you knowing
there is nobody else who i see

you have defined all toward which i have been reaching
you reside in an aura of intangible dream.

But i am nobody's friend, nobody's love
and i'm through with pretending I am

But I'm never concerned with the way the world turns
There is only this burning desire
to show you who i am.

Though it feels like someone has taken my place
and stolen my face and disgraced my name.

I know it's just the way that I've changed
and we all make mistakes, and we all must be shamed
It has happened before, and it will happen again.

But it is so hard to know what I am feeling.
it is so hard to see through the fog.

All of the figures who move here before me
are they women or men? are they mortals or gods?

Now take a good look at everything that surrounds you
and if all that matters has fallen apart

have I surrendered my soul to oblivion
if I pass through this world without leaving a mark?


So bury the hatchet into the skull of my sadness
I'm off to the garden to watch the new flowers bloom.

And open my ears, and open my eyes
and wait for the wind that caresses and moves

through my unfettered mind, oh how kind the world seems
to hand me this life with the cost just to be
to fill me with feeling and unconscious dream

Oh! what more could I ask of this physical plane?

Carve into the earth, fingernails through the dirt
I will pull up the worms, I will pluck out the weeds

Keep clean and sustained in the sun and the rain
I'll assemble the cradle and tend to the seeds

Oh what beautiful growth from this desolate place!
its majesty mirrors the whole human race

where all good and evil inhabit one space

i am humbled and blessed by it all...

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