you must know what is true, to yourself
there is wisdom in truth and in lies
it's a scale reaching out from a shell
never equalling its own two sides
it's the balance between love and hate
it's the question and answer complete
but it's left over for you to create
it's left open, but it's full of deceit
there is a season for all that you see
it stretches as far as you are willing to look
the convergence of nature and man
i have written it down in my book

you must know what is death and what is life
it's a circle, but it has many sides
and the value of what it surrounds
is where universe and spirit collide.

in the winter when magic returns
it is hard to find someone who cares
so lite a firework to watch as it burns
and explodes itself off in the air
in the pages kept hidden for years
lie the secrets of function and fear
and the beauty of what we must do
is left open to me and to you.


from The Book of Winter Fireworks, released July 12, 2012
Lucas William Hale Van Scoy: Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Stephen Phelps: Electric Guitar/Organ
Jared Phelps: Bass Guitar
Tim Oakley: Drumset/Percussion
Maxim Van Scoy: Percussion



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William Hale Glens Falls, New York

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